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Alternative Home Buyersspecializes in purchasing homes from sellers by offering solutions other investors and realtors can’t. We have been buying homes for over 13 years and have helped 100’s of homeowners just like yourself by providing a fair price with mutually beneficial terms.

Prior to starting Alternative Home Buyers, Chris was a Realtor and Real Estate Team Owner and has helped 100’s of homeowners successfully sell their home! With almost 15 years exerpience, his primary focus is now solely on helping homeowners sell their home off-market.

Chara has 10+ years of Real Estate experience, where she began coordinating most of the transactions for Chris’s business until she started her own interior design and staging business. The services her company provided were responsible for 100’s of sales per year, due to her keen eye for design.

Together, we have helped close to 1000 homeowners successfully sell their homes! And we want to do the same for you, regardless of your situation. We want to help.

chris and chara

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Alternative Home Buyers
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