How to Get Rid of Squatters in California

Welcome, homeowners in California! Are you facing the frustrating and potentially dangerous situation of having squatters on your property? It can be difficult to know where to start when dealing with this issue. But don't worry, I am here to provide valuable...

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How To Complain To Landlord About Noisy Tenants

Are you tired of dealing with noisy and disruptive neighbors in your rental property? It can be frustrating to constantly listen to loud music, shouting, or other disturbances coming from the unit next door. As a homeowner, it is important for you to feel comfortable...

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How To Clean Up After A Hoarder Dies

Over the years, we have seen an increase in hoarding behavior and unfortunately, sometimes this can lead to a hoarder's death. If you are dealing with cleaning up after a hoarder has passed away, it can be overwhelming and daunting. Not only do you need to handle...

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How To Avoid Probate On Bank Accounts

As homeowners, we all strive to ensure that our assets are protected and passed down to our loved ones in the most efficient manner possible. Unfortunately, if proper precautions are not taken, bank accounts can be subject to a lengthy legal process known as probate...

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How To Avoid Probate In California

Estate planning is a crucial aspect of managing your assets and ensuring that they are passed on to your loved ones after you pass away. In the state of California, one major concern for homeowners is how to avoid probate - a lengthy and expensive legal process where...

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How To Anonymously Report A Hoarder

Dealing with hoarding can be a sensitive and challenging issue, especially when it involves a loved one or someone you know. It's important to address the situation as soon as possible before it becomes dangerous for both the individual and those around them. While...

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Recent Testimonial

  • Steven P

    My parents left me a house in Thousand Oaks and I had been renting it out but ended up losing a tenant mid pandemic and had a hard time renting it out after that due to the condition the previous tenant left it in. I live out of state and couldn't maintain it any longer and reached out to Chris. He was able to help us get the property cleaned up, listed and sold at a much higher price than I could have got before. I could have taken the cash offer up front, but this option made the most sense to me at the time and It worked out really well. Thanks 

  • Mary L

    I was offered a job I couldn't pass up, but it was in another state so I had to sell my house quick and thought about hiring a Realtor but didn't have time. I got a couple other offers before talking to Alternative Buyers and was expecting a similar offer from them but I actually got 2 offers that were quite different from what I had received and I accepted one and Chris was able to act quick, so and I was able to make my move as planned. 

  • Jonathan F

    I went with Alternative Home Buyers because they laid out a few options for me that others hadn't. One of the most refreshing parts was the transaparency from start to finish. After dealing with listing my property and a couple other quick cash offers sites, it was easy to see their motivation, so it was nice to deal with people who actually laid it all out for me. In fact, I actually got 3 different offers for my property and Chris walked through all the pros and cons of each offer and we ultimately came to an agreement that worked for both of us.